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Let us take your skating to the next level!

About: The Gardens Sports Academy

The Gardens Sports Academy is a Bridge Program designed to continue your child’s growth within our Learn to Skate USA program while providing you with a bridge to the next level of skating in an economical way. 

Participants of the Gardens Sports Academy can participate in up to 6 classes*, and Jr. Academy Participants can participate in 4 classes each week. New to skating and want to start on the right foot try our Developmental Skater program!


On-Ice classes include an assigned Learn to Skate USA class, a Specialty Class, and a leveled Bridge Class each week.  Off-Ice Classes include Off-Conditioning Class and off-ice dance class (Ballet or Hip Hop) each week. 

Academy classes cover the basic and advanced skills required to enhance your child’s skating. Off ice classes may include: Jump Class, Core Training, Stretch Class, Ballet or Hip Hop Class. On Ice may include Presentation, Choreography, Dance, or Interpretive.

Participants will receive additional work session passes each month to practice their skating skills.

For more pricing or additional information about this program please contact Greg Maddalone, Skating Director

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*Class participation depends on enrollment level.


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2023/24 Gardens Sports Academy

Schedule Schedule:


​9:00am – GSA Off-Ice

9:30am - GSA Adult Ballet

9:40 & 10:10am – GSA Bridge Classes

​11:10am – Specialty Classes

10:20am – Dance Class (Group A)

9:40am - 11:10 LTS Classes

10:50am – Dance Class (Group B)



6:10pm – Basic 4-5 Classes

6:10pm – Elite Off-Ice

6:40pm: Basic 6 – Advanced Freeskate Classes

7:10pm: Specialty Classes (Jump, Spin Classes)



5:10pm: Dance Class (D)

5:40pm: Basic 4 – Freeskate 3 Classes

6:10pm: GSA Bridge Class

(Stroking & Performance)

6:10pm: GSA Adult Class

* Participants in Basic Skills 4-6 Classes may choose between Monday or Tuesday Evening Classes

Agreement terms:  Gardens Sports Academy participants must agree to an online monthly billing agreement. Participants must be enrolled in the program for 60-day days. Participants may cancel their membership in the program at any time after the first 30 days by providing a written notice 30 days prior to the intended cancellation date to the Skating Director. Gardens Sports reserves the right to make any changes or modifications to this program at its discretion with a 30 day notice to its members.

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