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Inline Hockey

Looking for additional playing time? The Gardens Ice House Adult Inline Hockey League is looking for teams and players for the Summer 2023 Season!

We have two divisions this summer: Weeknight & Sundays


The Sunday Division will run from June 25-August 20


The Weeknight Division (Tuesday/Thursday) will run from  June 26-August 17


The season includes 15 games (14 regular season games plus one single-elimination playoff game)


Cost: $2900.00 per team 

                  Payment Options: 


                 A.) -Captain can pay the full fee in 1 payment or use the installment option

                   $300 Deposit, $1300.00 June 30, 2023, $1300.00 Jul 28, 2023

If you are looking for additional playing time consider fielding or joining a team in The Gardens Adult Inline League!

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