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Learn to Skate

Our Summer series of classes begins July 1st.

Register today!


Classes Forming Now

The Gardens Ice House is happy to announce its Learn to Skate, USA program taught by its highly qualified professionals. The lessons learned in ice skating are also lessons in life. The confidence and joy you see your kids gain today will become the greatness your kids achieve in the world tomorrow. This program is recommended for all students (Age 3 and above).


The Snow Plow Sam 1 - 4 and Basic 1-6 levels are geared towards the fundamentals of skating and develops the skills that are necessary for recreational, figure, ice hockey and speedskating.  The Pre-Freeskate and Freestyle levels develop the skills necessary for advancement into figure skating.


The best program of its kind, US Figure Skating, Learn to Skate, USA program consists of a comprehensive lesson/test structure that is exciting, rewarding, safe and fun. It has proven to be an overwhelming success across the United States.


Recognizing that personal achievement comes from high professional standards, we at the Gardens Ice House will inform you and your child of a Progressing, Achieving and Exceeding Expectations standard through the implementation of mid-series progress reports, along with an informational parent meeting to answer questions and explain what to expect while participating in our program. We look forward to welcoming you in person to the Gardens Ice House – Learn to Skate, USA program!

Registration Fee:

$149 per 7 week series

*Class registration fee pro-rated at the time of class entry

Fee Includes:

Weekly Learn to Skate lesson

Free skate rentals with class

USFS test badge upon completion of level


$149 for a 7-week series

Ongoing Enrollment Offered

*When registering for a class mid-series please contact  Greg Maddalone to be prorated, after registration.

Upcoming Series

Learn to Skate Series: #7

Summer Series

Saturdays: July 6th - August 17th

Mondays: July 1st - August 12th

Tuesdays: July 2nd - August 13th

Register today!

When registering for a class mid-series participants may either make up their missed classes or pro-rate their registration fee by contacting the skating director.


Don't worry about missing a class with our flexible makeup policy!


For more information please click the policies button.


​Future Series

Learn to Skate Series: #1

Saturdays: September 7th - October 19th

Mondays: September 9th - October 21st

Tuesdays: September 10th - October 22nd

Wednesdays: September 11th - October 23rd

Learn to Skate Series: #2

Saturdays: October 26th - December 14th

(No class - November 30th)

Mondays: October 28th - December 9th

Tuesdays: October 29th - December 10th

Wednesdays: October 30th - December 11th

Yearly Gardens Sports Limited Membership Fee Not Included in Registration

(Family and Individual packages available)

Membership is required to participate.

Membership valid for classes offered between July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Click here for more information about membership benefits

Practice Ice is available for all skaters during most class periods.

(Available during specific sessions)


Please Note: The Gardens Ice House reserves the right to move, combine, or cancel any offered class as is necessary.

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