Whitey's Pond

Named in honor of Whitey Guenin, Whitey's pond is open from Nov to March every year.  This unique outdoor "mini" rink is

90ft. x 44ft.  The rink has it's own conditioner and Zamboni so ice quality is high. 


Host a private party, or birthday celebration on Whitey's Pond! This unique, one of a kind rink will play host to a variety of programming and events.

If you are interested in renting Whitey's Pond, please email Billy Carr with the information requested on our Rentals Page

REGISTRATION for 2021-2022 Season is Closed


$1600 for all teams


Silver- Tuesday Night 

Gold- Wednesday Night 

Women's- Thursday Night 

Bronze- Saturday Night 


10 regular season games plus playoffs 

Wednesday 3 on 3 Champions- DBT


Thursday 3 on 3  Champions - Wap

WAP 3on3 (2).png

Saturday 3 on 3 champions- Last minute

Last Minute 3on3.jpg