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Improve your skills with Dance!
3 week mini series begins June 1st

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The Gardens Sports Academy is proud to announce it's newest offering to enhance your dreams. 

Beginner Ballet
Saturdays at 11:30am

Classes begin June 1st

Cost: $30 for 3 weeks.


Adult Ballet
Saturdays at 9:30am

Classes begin June 1st

Cost: $51 for 3 weeks.


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Dance is a movement-language that is felt and understood by all people. It enables excellent emotional connection and self-confidence.

By including many forms of formational, classical and cultural dance, this program offers ways for every student to find enjoyable and powerful dance forms that become tools of expression and personal achievement.  We are committed to giving students the tools and education that will equip them for all their goals and build a lifelong love of dance.

The program is led by Lan Tsubata, who has danced and choreographed internationally, and who has won awards for directing the feature documentary film, Dancing Joy. Lan has substantial experience with dancers from many world cultures, as well as from the classical and contemporary cultures.

With training in ballet, Classical Spanish dance, Tae Kwon Do, African dance, Hip Hop, and some Asian folk dance, she believes that dance is a natural part life, and that everyone can find personal benefit from exploring and developing dance skills.

About the Instructor: Ms. Lan Tsubata is a dancer and choreographer that has worked internationally, most recently in directing the upcoming film, “Dancing Joy.” She is trained in Ballet, Classical Spanish dance, Martial Arts and Hip hop, as well as several world dance forms. She performs, teaches and choreographs for stage, film and broadcast.

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