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Get to know your Coaches

Ms. Lan Tsubata is a dancer and choreographer that has worked internationally, most recently in directing the upcoming film, “Dancing Joy.” She is trained in Ballet, Classical Spanish dance, Martial Arts and Hip hop, as well as several world dance forms. She performs, teaches and choreographs for stage, film and broadcast. 

Greg is the middle child of 13 and was introduced to skating at the age of 7 via a Learn to Skate flier that was shared with his mother.  Developing the skating skills to progress within the sport comes to everyone on their own pace. For Greg it was 5 years before he decided to get serious about skating. 

At the age of 16, Greg decided to seriously pursue a competitive career, which required him to move from his home in New York without a family support system to Newark, Delaware where he trained for 6 years before he decided to retire from the competitive sport.  During this time he won 3 national medals and was named to the U.S. International Team for 3 years in a row, representing the United States on the international circuit.

Upon his retirement, Greg entered the coaching profession. During his career he has had students compete on the National and International levels.  Some of his coaching career highlights include a National Championship in the Novice Division and an International Medal on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit.  Additionally, he had students compete at the U.S. National Championships for 8 years.

In August of 2017, Greg assumed the role of Director of Learn to Skate and Program Development. He was promoted to Skating Director for The Gardens Ice House in August of 2018 where he continues to promote skating as passion that everyone can find joy in.

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